Attorney Referrals

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Attorney Referrals

At The CAPITAL Law Firm, we receive a majority of our caseload through referrals from other attorneys. Other attorneys seek our services and expertise to handle a significant portion of their difficult cases.  We pay referral fees to referring attorneys in accordance with all California Rules of Professional Conduct, and make sure that the fees are competitive in the market.

When cases are referred to The CAPITAL Law Firm, we either take the case as a straight referral, or alternatively, work on the case with the referring attorney should they wish to be involved.  Typically, referring attorneys choose to stay on the case as this provides them with an opportunity to work with our attorneys and staff and to learn from our practice.

Our stellar reputation for winning allows us to maximize the value and result of each case.  Further, our reputation and history amongst law firms in California provide us with a good recipe for success.

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